Why Use our Service?

Nutrition can be confusing. We are bombarded with nutrition information on the Internet, from friends, and through the media. We hear “eat soy” then “avoid soy”, “Take calcium” then “calcium may cause heart attacks.” In this environment of misinformation and conjecture, it is hard to know what is fact and what is hearsay.

Not all nutrition advice applies to everyone. Each of us has our own specific nutritional needs. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can take the latest nutrition guidelines and interpret which apply to you and your health situation. This individual variation is now called Nutrigenomics which means “nutrition for your genetic variation”. The food you choose to eat can help you improve many conditions and minimize medications.   

We listen to your concerns and needs and work to facilitate your transition to a healthier you. Whether you need to eat on the run, follow a vegetarian diet, love to cook gourmet foods, or stick to a strict budget, we can coach you to make small but powerful changes that will get you on the path to feeling your best. Making the right food choices does more than lead to healthier living; it leads to happier living. Call to see if we can help you.

Lose Fat • Build Muscle • Slow Aging • Lower Your Cholesterol • Control Your Blood Pressure • Manage Your Blood Sugar

Maximize Your Energy • Take Control of Stress Eating • Enhance Your Athletic Performance • Manage Menopause & PMS

Optimize Your Hair • Skin and Nail Health • Feed Your Fast-Paced Family Well • Maximize Your Energy • Control IBS
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