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Sandy Lemanski, RDN, LDN, CDESandy Lemanski, RDN, LDN, CDE- Sandy manages the East Longmeadow office for Nancy Dell and Associates. She believes healthy eating should be easy and delicious. Sandy always says “I love my job” to which her patients reply, “and we love you”. She is our “researcher” because she is always on the lookout for new nutrition information, ideas, products and recipes for her clients.

Sandy graduated from Framingham State College with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. As a Certified Insulin Pump Trainer for Medtronic, she has special expertise for diabetic patients. Before coming to Nancy Dell & Associates, Sandy worked as a Clinical Nutritionist for Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina and St Vincent Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition she provided nutrition education for participates in the Women’s Health Initiative Intervention Study. You will often see the results of this study quoted on the news.

Sandy enjoys running, hiking and traveling.

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