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Our Associates

Jennifer - RDJen Fournier, RDN, LDN- Since landing at UMass, she has studied:

  • Mindfulness thru the Center for Mindfulness
  • Spiritual psychology rooted in psychosynthesis
  • Become a Journey Dance Teacher
  • Is a Certified Wellness Coach

Jen has been bite by the study of the brain for the last 5 years looking at the brains plasticity, behavioral and positive psychology in an effort to rewire the brain to support healthy behaviors. She has apprenticed at the CFM in Mindful Eating & is a group facilitator.

Her career path before UMass has some twists and turns. She gained medical knowledge while being a pharmacy technician for 9 years starting in high school . After getting her first bachelor’s degree in psychology she and a small staff turned a bankrupt wholesale bread company into an award winning enterprise. Moving back to New England to be closer to family, she managed a Central Production Kitchen for Dunkin Donuts on the Cape. This final experience is what drove her to dietetics. And a second degree in human nutrition.

Bringing all of this together with her passion for life, food and people she is an alchemist that entertains and brings out the best in that which she loves the most. Fellow travelers on the road to health of mind and body.

Lose Fat • Build Muscle • Slow Aging • Lower Your Cholesterol • Control Your Blood Pressure • Manage Your Blood Sugar

Maximize Your Energy • Take Control of Stress Eating • Enhance Your Athletic Performance • Manage Menopause & PMS

Optimize Your Hair • Skin and Nail Health • Feed Your Fast-Paced Family Well • Maximize Your Energy • Control IBS
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