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Nutrition Counseling Steps

Step One

When you arrive for your first nutrition counseling session you will sit down, face to face, with one of our skilled dietitians. She will ask you some basic questions about your eating and activity habits. This way, she can get to know your daily routine and what food you enjoy or dislike. This is key to our understanding of your habits and allows our dietitians to mold an eating plan that suits your personal tastes and needs.

We appreciate the fact you have made the choice to eat and live healthy, and we will do all we can to help you meet those goals. The path to a healthy lifestyle is a team effort between you and your dietitian. She will make many suggestions, you pick which ones you want to try, and she will coach you along the way!

We want to meet your needs, so let us know what they are. Be it general goals to practice, a detailed menu plan, or both, our dietitians will provide you with all the information you need to be successful. ¬†As we coach, you tell us what works and what doesn’t. We will update and adjust your goals to suit your needs!

Lose Fat • Build Muscle • Slow Aging • Lower Your Cholesterol • Control Your Blood Pressure • Manage Your Blood Sugar

Maximize Your Energy • Take Control of Stress Eating • Enhance Your Athletic Performance • Manage Menopause & PMS

Optimize Your Hair • Skin and Nail Health • Feed Your Fast-Paced Family Well • Maximize Your Energy • Control IBS
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